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About the owner

My name is Shante, creator, and owner of Miki Dee Candle Co. My love for candles started when I would honor the memory of my dear mother by lighting a candle every year on her birthday and the anniversary of her passing. 

My affinity for candles became a hobby when a friend gifted me a candle kit for Christmas one year. After that, I would create and give away candles to friends and family. I quickly realized this could be a successful business that I am passionate it about. 

After starting in my dining room, I moved my production space to my basement and Miki Dee Candle Co. was born. Miki Dee is named after my oldest daughter Mikayla Denise. She and my mom remain to be the driving inspiration behind the company. 

It truly warms my heart that those closest to me are a part of every candle I make. I know I am making my mom proud and inspiring my two daughters to pursue their dreams. It brings me great joy to be a self-taught, black-owned company. I aim to shed light on the world one candle at a time. 

 Thank you for stopping by and supporting my journey. 

Shante, Creator & Owner
Miki Dee Candle Co.


Miki Dee Candle Co product line
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